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Electrification of personal and shared vehicles is occurring worldwide and the benefits of this transformation are indisputable. EV Works focuses on electric drive systems and can help you embrace the future of electric mobility!

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Changing Currents, Go Electric

Whether you’re an early adopter or are exploring your first electric vehicle (EV), EV Works can help. We specialize in the conversion of classic internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, and also work on modern EVs.

We provide specialized solutions that you can’t readily find at other automotive shops. For example, do you already have an EV, but your traction (drive) battery is degraded? We can replace or recondition your traction battery and keep your trusty EV going strong. Or, perhaps you have a conventional vehicle (like a VW bus or bug) that you want to electrify? EV Works is the place to do it!

Conveniently located on Bainbridge Island, EV Works has the specialized training and equipment to assess your EV needs and deliver sustainable solutions!

Making The Switch


EVs have better overall energy efficiency than ICEs (about 85% for EVs compared to 25-30% for ICEs).


EVs have lower, or in the case of fully electric vehicles no, tail pipe emissions, which is better for human health and the environment.


EVs have fewer mechanical components, making them more reliable with lower maintenance costs.


EVs are able to generate a portion of their own electric power through regenerative braking. How cool is that?

Electric Services

From standard inspections and routine repairs, to complicated driveline conversions, EV Works has got you covered. We work on late model and classic vehicles out of a modern facility located on Bainbridge Island. Get totally amped with EV Works!



Got a petroleum classic and want to make the switch to electric? Contact EV Works and we’ll help make sustainable reuse a reality.


Got an issue with your late model EV? Contact EV Works and we’ll resolve it.

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